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Wolves in Your Living Room

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       Live Wolf Cams at the Wolf Conservation Center!

Do you think about wolves and wish you could see them every single day?  Well, if you are like us,  take the opportunity to do just that. The Wolf Conservation Center in South Salem, NY has partnered with  and currently there are four active enclosure and web cams monitoring the activities of Red wolves and Mexican Gray Wolves around the clock. This is some pretty exciting stuff!  We are hoping that the mating pairs in each enclosure produce a litter of newborn wolf pups, and if they do you will be able to watch it unfold before your very eyes!

If you remember watching Lilly the bear deliver her cub to the world on a similar cam setup, this is the same folks that are providing you access to the wolf dens.

Click on the direct link below ( Wolf Conservation Center Logo)and choose a wolf pack.  What is cool to do is to open up all four web cams( enclosures) once the howling begins and it is like being at a wonderful  wolf symphony!

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