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Woodmere Middle School Students Support the ESA!

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The Endangered Species Act is incredibly effective in protecting the fish, plants and wildlife that are listed as endangered or threatened. It has been successful in preventing the extinction of hundreds of our nation’s species including the bald eagle, gray wolf, pacific salmon, and gray whale. But the law only works when it is enforced and the species are listed.

Did you know that of the 6,500 species in the United States that scientists believe are at risk of extinction, only 1,200 are officially listed as threatened or endangered?  More and more young Americans are taking part in spreading the news about the Endangered Species Act since they believe we all must play a role in helping to protect endangered species – because once they are gone, we cannot bring them back.

Woodmere Middle School’s Class 7A worked diligently on an ENDANGERED SPECIES RESEARCH AND VIDEO PROJECT.  After investigating, collaborating and writing extensive written reports about an endangered animal, they created a video to challenge other members of their generation to explore the issue in their schools across the nation.  The video has also been sent to their respective US Senators, and these students are expecting to host a conference with them about the importance of the ESA as informed young citizens.



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