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Yellowstone Wolf Project Annual Report

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There were at least 108 wolves in 11 packs (7 breeding pairs) living primarily in Yellowstone National Park (YNP) through December 2016 (figures 1& 2). Breeding pairs are defined as an adult male and an adult female with two pups that survive through the end of the year. Overall, wolf numbers have fluctuated between 83-108 wolves and 6-9 breeding pairs from 2009 to 2016. Pack size in 2016 ranged from 3 to 18 (table 1), averaging 9.8 in size. Park-wide, 36 pups survived to year end, 16 in northern Yellowstone and 20 in the interior of the park, with an average of 4.0 pups per pack surviving for 9 packs with confirmed reproduction.

Read the full report (PDF)

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