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Northern Rockies and Yellowstone Area Wolves

The northern Rockies region (which includes wolves in the Great Yellowstone ecosystem) is home to the largest wolf population in the American West, with more than 1,600 wolves once again inhabiting this rugged landscape. We've helped lead wolf recovery efforts here for decades, and we're still at it.

Since their return to Yellowstone and the Northern Rockies, hundreds of wolves have been killed in response to livestock predation incidents. The National Wolfwatcher Coalition supports proactive steps with resource managers, ranchers, and other community members to prevent deadly conflicts between wolves and livestock.

Despite the recent landmark success of wolf recovery efforts in Yellowstone and the Northern Rockies, the wolf population remains at risk. We support management and policies that will protect wolves now and into the future.

Except in our National Parks, the gray wolf is no longer protected under the Endangered Species Act and they are aggressively being hunted and trapped in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho.  Hunters are driven to kill wolves period, while wildlife advocates for the wolf stay determined with great passion to save the wolves and promote the need for the wolf in the ecosystem, not just for the northern Rockies, but throughout all of North America.

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