President Obama: Appoint Congressman Grijalva next Secretary of Interior.

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Thank you so much for your kind attention to this critical update and your prompt participation.  We appreciate your help in ensuring the future of America’s great outdoors is directed by a proven Sign of America’s natural treasures.
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The Wildlife News recently reported that Washington State’s Governor Gregoire is being considered as Interior Secretary Ken Salazar’s replacement in an article entitled Governor Gregoire: Troubling Livestock LegacyAccording to the article, “….a livestock “pilot” program she instituted in Washington, which fast-tracked the introduction of livestock grazing on Washington Wildlife Areas free of charge to ranchers, while running roughshod over the concerns of agency wildlife biologists, should give wildlife advocates pause.”

When we shared this article with our supporters, we received many comments, messages and emails which expressed utter outrage!  In response to the growing concern about the future of America’s great outdoors and our fragile natural heritageWolfwatcher authored a petition to take the voice of ‘we the people‘ directly to the White House:


The official petition to the White House must get an initial 150 signatures to become publicly searchable. Thereafter, if this petition reaches a required 25,000 signatures, the White House staff will review it, ensure it’s sent to the appropriate policy experts, and issue an official response.   Here is our chance to achieve a common goal! If we don’t reach the required number of signatures, the petition expires and our voice is muted.


The selection of the next Interior Secretary is an important moment to place a renewed emphasis on some of the most critical issues of our age, including climate change, the protection of endangered species and preservation of water and wild lands. We strongly believe Congressman Grijalva exemplifies the modern and forward thinking vision need by the Department of the Interior.  Now is the time to establish a firm, science-based action plan to manage lands, waters and wildlife under new intensifying stresses. Such action requires a knowledgeable, visionary leader who grasps both the urgency of this crisis and the practical paths toward real-world solutions. We think Congressman Grijalva is such a leader.


Thus, we respectfully request that you sign this petition and share it, as well, so that our voice is heard for the wild ones.

Thank you! 

We appreciate your support!

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