The Profanity Peak Pack: Loss of wolves and academic freedom

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The recent killing of six members of the Profanity Peak wolf pack in NE Washington in retribution for the loss of a few cattle is emblematic of what is wrong with public land policy. As I write, trappers are out to kill the remaining pack members.

What is significant about the destruction of this pack is that the Profanity Peak wolves roamed national forest lands. These are our lands. They belong to all Americans and are part of our national patrimony.


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  1. Marcie Terwilliger says:

    A hotel proprietor in the UP blithely told me “ya know what they say, ‘smoke a pack a day!’ He was grinning when he made this obscene reference to extirpation of wolves. I had not identified myself as an advocate of Canis lupus, so the comment was even more disturbing. Later that same week, waiting to make a purchase in a UP market I overheard two women conversing, one leaned in and whispered to her friend “I heard a baby was almost snatched right off a porch!” Her companion gasped “really?!” She swore affirmation with “oh YEAH.”

    I researched this ‘non-event.’ Never happened.

    We all must be outspoken advocates of our Wild, lest our inattention allows this misinformed ‘campaign of ignorance’ to spread like the plague it has become. The survival of our most precious part of Nature is at stake.

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