Red Wolf Recovery Program Under Review

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Red Wolf Recovery Program under review!  Emails and letters needed!

Speak up for critically endangered red wolves!

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission has asked for a review of the Red Wolf Recovery Program. Having the program reviewed is good, but the NCWRC is not known to be a fan of the program, and USFWS could be receiving some very negative input that might affect their decision on whether or not to continue the program. Ending the program could spell disaster for the small, critically endangered,  wild red wolf population.

Here is how you can help:

If possible, we ask that you use “snail mail” to write letters:

Red wolves need strong, positive, and respectfully-worded letters saying that the Red Wolf Recovery Program should remain a priority for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  Addresses:

USFWS Director Dan Ashe, U.5. Fish & Wildlife Service, 1849 C. Street, NW, ROOM 3331 Washington, DC 20240

Southeast Regional Director, Cynthia Dohner, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, 1875 Century Blvd., Suite 400, Atlanta, GA 30345

Assistant Southeast Regional Director, Leopoldo Miranda, , U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, 1875 Century Blvd., Suite 400, Atlanta, GA 30345

If you are unable to send a letter, then please send a simple email just stating you wish the Red Wolf Recovery Program to continue to the following people: (Southeast Regional Director) (Asst. SE Regional Director) (Director, USFWS)

Thank you for your support of red wolves!

(Photo credit USFWS Red Wolf Recovery Program)

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2 Responses to Red Wolf Recovery Program Under Review

  1. Makuyi says:

    Here are USFWS pages on the program, updated:

    I remain unclear on why the Red Wolf habitat did not include the last areas where they existed, trapped in the 1970s for captive breeding:
    Louisiana and SE Texas coastal areas.
    The Great Smoky Mt National Park, while itself too small to hold an isolated population, contains vital habitat. The Albermarle Peninsula is by its nature, too narrowly connected to the mainland to be adequate at all for the sole population.
    Red Wolf Revival, is a new film available here:
    for purchase to add to information in any event publicizing the plight of wolves in the USA.

    • Educate. Advocate. Participate. says:

      An attempt was made years ago to introduce red wolves to Great Smoky Mountain National Park, however, it failed in part because the wolves followed the prey into the valleys and as a result caused conflicts.

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