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Places for Wolves

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In 1999, Defenders published Places for Wolves: A Blueprint for Restoration and LongTerm Recovery in the Lower 48 States. The publication provided an assessment of the ecological regions that could support wolves and recommendations on policies and strategies to facilitate recovery in these areas. Based on studies showing significantly more habitat suitable for wolves in the contiguous United States, we published an updated version in 2006. Now we release a third version, this time in a new format designed to keep pace with research, politics, laws and other fast-breaking developments that affect wolves and our work. This new Places for Wolves lays the foundation for our wolf recovery and restoration goals by setting forth the ecological, ethical, cultural and economic reasons why protecting and restoring wolves is important. Our wolf recovery vision, goals, the science behind them and specific regional restoration recommendations are covered in a companion series of fact sheets that can be updated as needed to reflect our efforts to assure the continued survival of wolves.

Document: places-for-wolves-defenders-of-wildlife-report.pdf  PDF icon

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