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A Ranchers Guide – Coexistence Among Livestock, People & Wolves

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The overall goal of this guide is to describe various tools and provide information about methods that can be adapted to prevent and minimize conflicts among livestock and wolves where they overlap. The guide outlines various management and husbandry techniques that have proven effective at reducing conflicts among livestock and carnivores. It also provides a brief review and insight about why killing wolves and coyotes often backfires; creating an expensive cyclic pattern that does not reduce conflicts and may even lead to more. This guide is part of a collaborative effort to facilitate coexistence among livestock, producers, and wolves to support vibrant wildlife communities on a shared landscape.

Document: Wolf-Awareness-Ranchers-Guide-2nd-Ed.pdf  PDF icon

Author(s): Sadie Parr, Joe Engelhart, Louise Liebenberg, Lesley Sampson, Jennifer Coleshill

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