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How To Minimize Livestock Losses To Predators

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Every producer and every pasture is different. The strategies outlined in this brochure will not guarantee protection, but may help minimize the number of predator-livestock conflicts.

Because some non-lethal tools can be very effective in certain situations, some people believe that a single method can be the solution for all livestock-wildlife conflicts. This is not the case. There are no magic answers – no one non-lethal method will always work in every situation. Managing predation requires an integrated approach where good husbandry is combined with additional control methods.

Livestock losses may occur despite the use of multiple management tools and techniques to safeguard livestock. Predators that kill once are more likely to return. But, without these added protection measures, livestock losses could be as much as 2-3 times higher. The best option is to quickly change management practices if needed to prevent or reduce future problems.

This publication can serve as a source of ideas that can be incorporated into new or existing livestock operations to help reduce livestock losses to predators. However, not all of the suggested management practices in this booklet will be applicable to every situation, operation or location.

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