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Predator Control Needs a Standard of Unbiased Randomized Experiments With Cross-Over Design

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Despite over 20 years of searching for answers about predator control, the policy intervention of killing predators that threaten domestic animals has not been subjected to unbiased randomized experimental tests of effectiveness.
Rapid, global changes, such as extinction and climate change, put a premium on evidence-based, environmental policies and interventions, including predator control efforts. Lack of solid scientific evidence precludes strong inference about responses of predators, people, and prey of both, to various types of predator control. Here we formulate two opposing hypotheses with possible underlying mechanisms and propose experiments to test four pairs of opposed predictions about responses of predators, domestic animals, and people in a coupled, dynamic system. We outline the design of a platinum-standard experiment, namely randomized, controlled experiment with cross-over design and multiple steps to blind measurement, analysis, and peer review to avoid pervasive biases. The gold-standard has been proven feasible in field experiments with predators and livestock, so we call for replicating that across the world on different methods of predator control, in addition to striving for an even higher standard that can improve reproducibility and reliability of the science of predator control.

Document: Treves_etal_2019_RCT-Removing-Predators.pdf  PDF icon

Author(s): Adrian Treves, Miha Krofel, Omar Ohrens and Lily M. van Eeden

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