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Bad River Indian Reservation (Mashkiiziibii) Promoting Coexistence

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At the Mashkiiziibii Tribal Council meeting on May 9th, 2012, the Tribal Council and the community members present spoke out against the sport killing of Ma’iinganag.  At that meeting, the Mashkiiziibii Tribal Council approved an emergency rule prohibiting the harvest of Ma’iinganag within the exterior boundaries of  Mashkiiziibing.  The Bad River Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians is opposed to the recent State of Wisconsin Ma’iingan hunts and the interpretation of the 350 Ma’iingan population number in the Wisconsin Wolf Management Plan as being an upper limit on Ma’iingan’s population

MWP and the Bad River Tribal Council have placed a moratorium on collaring Ma’iingan, based on concerns for the ethical, scientific, and cultural appropriateness or lack there of in this research practice. Instead, MWP will work to understand reservation Ma’iinganag through track, scat, howl, and flying surveys as well as reports from tribal members.


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