Should Wolves be Delisted? Wolf Conservation Open Letter

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Photo by Diane Bentivegna

Dear trustees of the public interest,
The under‐signed scientists and scholars address some of the public policy questions surrounding wolf conservation under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). Another group of scientists recently (11/18/15) publicized a letter, concluding that wolves in the Great Lakes region ought to be delisted. That letter, which we refer to as Mech et al., is based on a misunderstanding of three points of law and scientific evidence: (1) public attitudes about wolves and the ESA, (2) adequacy of management by the states, and (3) legal requirements of the ESA. We explain the misunderstandings with evidence to support each of our claims. We conclude wolves should still be protected under the ESA.  [ READ FULL LETTER ]

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3 Responses to Should Wolves be Delisted? Wolf Conservation Open Letter

  1. laura tracy says:

    No leave the wolfs alone.let them be in wilderness.

    • Educate. Advocate. Participate. says:

      Make sure you let your legislators know how you feel. Wolves (and all wildlife) should be managed as a public trust – not for the benefit of the few. Wildlife belongs to all of us.

  2. Victoria Cooper says:

    Wolves are not just beautiful animals. Science has proven that they are vital to our Eco system. And this was proven in Yellowstone National Park. Nature has a way of balancing itself. In God’s name, leave wolves alone.

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