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New Research Library on Red Wolf Coalition website! Check it out!

Thanks to the effort, time and energy of a prominent researcher, we have about 100 papers and documents available on our website for anyone interested in red wolves. Thanks also to our webmaster and board vice-chair Mark MacAllister for putting this page up on our site. read more

National Wolfwatcher Coalition: Wisconsin Press Release

“On August 7, 2012, the National Wolfwatcher Coalition filed a lawsuit, along with seven other plaintiffs, against the Wisconsin DNR and the Natural Resources Board seeking declaratory judgment and injunctive relief relating to the DNR’s recently approved rules establishing a Wolf Hunting Season in Wisconsin..” read more

National Wolfwatcher Coalition Celebrates One Year!

“Our “pack” has grown at a rate that far exceeded the expectations of most, with supporters from all regions of the US and beyond, rolling up their sleeves ready to take on the necessary challenges required…” read more

National Wolfwatcher Coalition "DECLARATION" on Wolf Hunts

“Read the following Declaration, which is actually a statement from ALL wolf advocates, young and old.” read more

National Wolfwatcher Coalition: Statement on Wolf Issues in the Northern Rockies

“..the National Wolfwatcher Coalition vehemently opposes the wolf hunts in the Northern Rockies because we believe this action is not guided by the best available science.” read more

National Wolfwatcher Coalition Quarterly Report

NWC’s primary mission is to assist wolf conservation centers and environmental organizations in educating the general public about the value of the wolf as an apex predator and encouraging its support of wildlife conservation initiatives. read more

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