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A Mammalian Predator–Prey Imbalance: Grizzly Bear and Wolf Extinction Affect Avian Neotropical Migrants

Because most large, terrestrial mammalian predators have already been lost from more than 95–99% of the contiguous United States and Mexico, many ecological communities are either missing dominant selective forces or have new ones dependent upon humans. Such large-scale manipulations … read more

Reducing Conflict with Grizzly Bears, Wolves, and Elk – a Western Landowner’s Guide

Western Landowners Alliance is deeply grateful for the landowners and ranchers, resource managers and others listed below whose collective knowledge and hands-on experience created the substance of this guide. This guide is a compilation of contributions from each of these … read more

U.S. wants to lift Protections for Wolf and Grizzly

The Obama Administration will undoubtedly be met with stiff resistance from environmentalist groups… read more

Grizzly vs. Wolf Video

Video of a wolf engaging a grizzly and her two cubs…or , the other way around! Watch… read more

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