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Michigan Wolf Hunting/Trapping Season? Take Action Now!

“With only 700 wolves, in 131 packs, spread across Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, it is premature to consider a wolf hunting season. MI DNR supports a “limited” wolf hunting season but “limited” has not been defined. ” read more

URGENT: Wisconsin Wolf Hunting/Trapping Plan Needs Your Voice

“It is critical that the Wisconsin DNR and the Natural Resource Board hear from you now,..” read more

Be a Voice for Wolves in Montana's upcoming Hunting Season

“IT’S THE 11TH HOUR – It’s time MtFWP heard more voices on behalf of Montana’s wolves…” read more


“Shades of Sarah Palin! Aerial Hunting is once again rearing it’s ugly head in the Northern Rockies state of Idaho.” read more

Important Petition to Stop Hunting !

“We join the Union of Concerned Scientists in denouncing this action.” read more

Researchers: Hunting affects wolves more strongly than first expected

…wolf populations are likely to decline by a substantially larger margin than is currently stated by management policies,” Creel said. read more

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