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Adaptive use of Nonlethal Strategies for Minimizing Wolf–Sheep Conflict in Idaho

Worldwide, native predators are killed to protect livestock, an action that can undermine wildlife conservation efforts and create conflicts among stakeholders. An ongoing example is occurring in the western United States, where wolves (Canis lupus) were eradicated by the 1930s … read more

Gray Wolf Harvest in Idaho

Regulated harvest is a relatively new phenomenon for gray wolves (Canis lupus) in the contiguous United States. Most studies of wolf harvest have been conducted in northern latitudes where wolf populations are large and human densities are low. Insights from … read more

Judge Orders Idaho to Destroy Elk and Wolf Wilderness Data

By KEITH RIDLER, ASSOCIATED PRESS BOISE, Idaho — Jan 19, 2017, 7:37 PM ET Idaho must destroy all information collected from tracking collars placed on elk and wolves obtained illegally by landing a helicopter in a central Idaho wilderness area, a federal … read more

Speak Up for Idaho's Wolves

“Once again, Idaho is planning another controversial and unscientific measure to “manage” its wolf populations.” read more


“Shades of Sarah Palin! Aerial Hunting is once again rearing it’s ugly head in the Northern Rockies state of Idaho.” read more

Idaho officials deny Rehberg claim they’ll ignore Wolf Protections

The bullets may remain in the box, but angry words continue to fly at Montana’s gray wolves. read more

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