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Can Predators Have a Big Impact on Carbon Emissions Calculations?

Models suggest that predators and even biodiversity in general play a potentially significant role in carbon sequestration. But whether such results buttress conservation arguments remains a matter of debate.

Large Predators, Deer, And Trophic Cascades In Boreal And Temperate Ecosystems

Historically, humans have modified many boreal and temperate ecosystems by decimating native animal populations and often substituting domesticated stock, thereby influencing food webs and simplifying interactions among species. Large predators, especially, have been subject to worldwide persecution. The profound ecological … read more

Dogs can Ranchers and Predators Co-Exist?

Watch this video and learn how it works! Ranchers who struggle to coexist with large  predators are finding new hope in old dog breeds.

Predators and the Public Trust

Many democratic governments recognize a duty to conserve environmental resources, including wild animals, as a public trust for current and future citizens. These public trust principles have informed two centuries of U.S.A. Supreme Court decisions and environmental laws worldwide. Nevertheless … read more

How To Minimize Livestock Losses To Predators

Every producer and every pasture is different. The strategies outlined in this brochure will not guarantee protection, but may help minimize the number of predator-livestock conflicts. Because some non-lethal tools can be very effective in certain situations, some people believe … read more

Top Predators Constrain Mesopredator Distributions

Top predators can suppress mesopredators by killing them, competing for resources and instilling fear, but it is unclear how suppression of mesopredators varies with the distribution and abundance of top predators at large spatial scales and among different ecological contexts. … read more

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