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Mexican Wolf Recovery Program Finds Evidence of Cross-Fostering Success

Phoenix, AZ.— In their native habitat of the southwestern United States, the success of cross-fostered pups among the Mexican wolf population is being documented due to dedicated and collaborative efforts among several agencies and organizations, including the Arizona Game and … read more

Red Wolf Recovery Program Under Review

Emails and letters needed for critically endangered red wolves! The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission has asked for a review of the Red Wolf Recovery Program. Ending the program could spell disaster for the small, critically endangered, wild red wolf population. read more

Two Sisters take their Wolf Education Program "On the Road!"

“Marilyn McGee and Gail McDiarmid have been “on the road” sharing their knowledge about the red and gray wolf. These two ladies know the importance of predators in the wild. ” read more


Oct 20 University of Rhode Island 7pm Doors open at 6:30pm.
contact info… Adam Markey 401.441.2795

read more

Lawsuit filed over wolf program

The FEIS also states that the initial release of stock of wolves will be “surplus” Mexican wolves from the captive population. read more

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