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State Senator Tom Casperson introduced SB 1187

On December 1, 2016, Michigan State Senator Tom Casperson introduced SB 1187 which authorizes the politically appointed Natural Resources Commission to designate the wolf as a game species and establish a wolf hunting season. It also included an appropriation which … read more

Senator Jack Reed..Please Send Your Thanks!

Senator Jack Reed of RI : A Senator that speaks for the people. read more

Senator Jack Reed : Endangered Species Act, and Wolves

“When I think about the Endangered Species Act, I think of it as a tourniquet applied to an artery that is the lifeblood of Earth.” Norm Bishop read more

A response from Senator Jack Reed…

I hope and do believe that Senator Reed will think about what I said to him, and if every Senator is contacted from enough of us, then hopefully that will make a difference. read more

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