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Studying the Winter Nutritional Status of Moose and its Relationship to Moose Survival, the Population Trend, and Climate Change in a Declining Population in Northeastern Minnesota

Winter nutritional restriction of moose and other northern ungulates may be physiologically assessed by serial collection and chemical analysis of fresh urine in snow (snow-urine). Controlled studies of captive ungulate species have demonstrated that urinary urea nitrogen:creatinine (UN:C) ratios have … read more

Evaluating the Taxonomic Status of the Mexican Gray Wolf and the Red Wolf

Taxonomy—the scientific study of biological classification—enables scientists to name and group living organisms. However, because species are dynamic and not fixed entities, taxonomic designations are often debated. At any given time, different populations can be in different stages in the … read more

Status review shows the red wolf remains endangered

Status review shows the red wolf remains endangered – Work continues on future management of Eastern North Carolina experimental population. DOWNLOAD PDF: Red Wolf Species Status Assessment

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