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An Update on Fatalities Due to Venomous and Nonvenomous Animals in the United States (2008–2015)

Injuries, maiming, and fatalities from animal encounters remain an important public health issue in the United States. Humans can be harmed by animals through bites, stings, strikes, crushing, or contact. These animal-related injuries result in considerable morbidity and financial loss; … read more

Minnesota Wolf Population Update 2017

2016-17 mid-winter Minnesota wolf population estimated at 2,856 wolves, or 4.0 wolves per 100 km2 of occupied range. The 90% confidence interval was approximately +/- 500 wolves, specifically 2,371 to 3,382 and 508 wolf packs. DOWNLOAD

College Outreach Update from Emilia Tercjak

“I am still reaching for what I believe in: peaceful existence between humans and wolves can happen. All you need is cooperation and collaboration. Coexistence will be the end goal.” read more

Wisconsin: Spring Conservation Congress Update

“Please consider attending and sharing the following as a Wolfwatcher supporter. We appreciate your willingness to speak out on behalf of wolves.” read more

Keep Michigan Wolves Protected: UPDATE

“More than 2,000 Michigan residents volunteered for Keep Michigan Wolves Protected, a coalition of animal welfare groups, conservationists, hunters and sportsmen, veterinarians, Native American tribes and faith leaders..” read more

Great Lakes Wolf Update and Take Action Alert

Urge the Senate Natural Resources, Environment and Great Lakes Committee members to vote NO on SB 1350. read more

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