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Studying the Winter Nutritional Status of Moose and its Relationship to Moose Survival, the Population Trend, and Climate Change in a Declining Population in Northeastern Minnesota

Winter nutritional restriction of moose and other northern ungulates may be physiologically assessed by serial collection and chemical analysis of fresh urine in snow (snow-urine). Controlled studies of captive ungulate species have demonstrated that urinary urea nitrogen:creatinine (UN:C) ratios have … read more

Hidden Cost Of Disease In A Free-ranging Ungulate: Brucellosis Reduces Mid-winter Pregnancy In Elk

Demonstrating disease impacts on the vital rates of free-ranging mammalian hosts typically requires intensive, long-term study. Evidence for chronic pathogens affecting reproduction but not survival is rare, but has the potential for wide-ranging effects. Accurately quantifying disease-associated reductions in fecundity … read more

Winter in Yellowstone

“National Wolfwatcher Coaliition Media Director Chris Cross captures amazing footage of our Yellowstone National Park wildlife in winter.” read more

Yellowstone in Winter

Yellowstone in February… Endless Memories. read more

National Parks: Wolves in Winter? Yo, Yellowstone!

“Every week is Wolf Week, in Yellowstone…” read more


Yellowstone…..Winter’s Wolf Land February in Yellowstone. The snow was not as deep this year, which changed things a bit, but the cold was as brutal as ever. You simply have to be prepared for the temps to hit 20 below, … read more

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