The Alarming Decline of Denali Wolves – Oliver Starr

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View the presentation by Oliver Starr at ‘Speak for Wolves event. (PDF)

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  1. Makuyi says:

    Olive did an outstanding presentation at Speak For Wolves. This year’s event will be on July 15 – 17 in West Yellowstone.
    Here’s their latest Planned program:

    It will include a presentation on Midwest wolves and politics.

    The Denali population is at the lowest level of wolves since counts began, largely due to the odd incursive shape of the east side. Snares have been found within Park boundaries in the past, Park viewers have seen the least wolves as well. In January (2016) NPS and others asked Alaska Board of Game to recreate a buffer zone on that east side, where wintering animals drop down to the Nenana River area, and trappers congregate to take National Park fauna.

    Right now, Alaska’s human population has dropped for a couple years, and the demographics have and are projected to be slightly moving toward an older population. In this largest wild state, there should be room for wolves to return to more ecologically significant levels.
    Such easing of persecution, however, depends upon decisions made by the BoG, which actively manages moose and other populations toward levels at which humans can “harvest” the wildlife. To do this, wolves are targeted.
    THe NPS in AK is leaning toward more protection of the wolf in its large Preserves (where hunting is allowed), but is up against the antifederal attitude of AK and the political representatives allying in this effort.

  2. Robert Sciolino says:

    Animals have lived without humans for millions of years. Humans have never lived without animals and will always be the killers and murderers and problem. We are invading their land not the other way around. We need them more then they need us. So leave the wild alive and free and safe and protected and let nature take its own course.

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