Senate Bill to Delist and Destroy Wolves FAILS!

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There are three bills currently in the Senate, each of which is designed to remove wolves from the Endangered Species Act.  Thr first one failed yesterday.

Senate Bill 3919 basically said that no federal protections for wolves would be enforced. Hatch introduced the bill at the end of September and it was referred to the Senate Committee on the Environment and Public Works.

This would have been devastating for not only the gray wolves in the northern Rockies but for all wolves across North America.  It perhaps would have also lead to the extinction, yes extinction, of the Mexican Gray Wolves in New Mexico  and Arizona, where the critically endangered  population of under 40 roams.

“This was one of the worst of the bills out there, so we’re relieved it didn’t pass,” said Suzanne Stone of the Defenders of Wildlife.

Ironically a study shows that elk population is up in both Montana and Wyoming.  This and other bills have been introduced because of pressure from Hunting groups(sorry just cant bring myself to call all of these groups “Sportsmen”.

I, along with other noted wildlife groups such as Wolf Warriors and Defenders of Wildlife maintain all along that these bills have been introduced as a result of political pressure on the representatives in the northern Rockies states.  The plain and simple facts simply cannot be ignored.

The sooner we address these issues from a scientific standpoint as opposed to that of a political one, the sooner we will arrive at not only a satisfactory and viable solution for the wolf population, but the only solution that makes any sense for the ecosystems of North America.    The benefits of the wolf back into the mix is widely known and documented.

I am happy to report that the lame duck bill that they tried to slide in at the end of the year has been soundly rejected.  Sorry Senator Hatch, you were delivered sour information and your political efforts to destroy our wildlife was based on politics, not science.  This bill was all consuming as it would have affected wolves throughout the country, not just the northern Rockies, and would have been devastating if passed.  Other senators such as Senator Whitehouse are watching for these bills to be introduced, and defeated, as they are designed to destroy wolf populations without looking back.

We, the advocates, must and shall stay ever vigilante and watch out for wolves , and fight every bill seeking to remove their protection under  the Endangered Species Act.


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