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Youth Leaders


A fourth grader at John F Kennedy Primary school worked with NJ Raritan Borough Mayor Zachary Bray to raise awareness and help save wolves.  There is now a call to action on the borough’s website where Vir says, “I invite all residents of our town to join me in this noble cause let’s learn, collaborate and act to preserve the legacy of our wolves before it’s too late.”



Nicholas was nominated by Rebecca Christman, volunteer for the wildlife curriculum for local homeschooled children.  Nicholas is a 9th grader from Learning Haven who has been learning about wildlife conservation and shared this article with his classmates. His initiative demonstrates leadership skills and his advocacy for wildlife.  Thank you, Nicholas for being a Youth Leader.

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Ivy Raen Alcazar

Ivy Raen Alcazar is 14 years old and has been advocating for wolves for over 6 years.  She founded an organization and designed a website where she educates thousands of individuals on why wolves are so vital to maintaining a healthy ecosystem. Just last year, she launched two petitions that would help protect Northern Rocky Mountain wolves and red wolves. Ivy is forever dedicated to educating people and continuing to fight for such an essential species. 

You can visit her website by going to and sign her petitions by going to

Ivy Raen Alcazar

Reagan Pace

Reagan age 8 of Columbia, South Carolina, recently wrote a wolf report for her class.  She says, "I feel like a wolf is my spirit animal. I love wolves because they are unique animals. I think it's annoying that wolves are seen as bad when wolves are actually scared of humans. I hope that someday people understand how unique and beautiful wolves are. I plan to continue to share information about wolves to help others learn to appreciate them."

Reagan Junior Leader

Hannah Knapp

Hannah, age 12, of Knoxville, Tennessee has been advocating for wolves since she was eight years old and learned that wolves were in danger.  She shares her knowledge with friends and family with her creations and wolf report and has even written to legislators.  Hannah hopes one day to become a wolf biologist.

Eleanor Wilhelm

A big howl for Eleanor Wilhelm age 9 of Somers, NY for Advocating on behalf of wolves with the images she created!

Eleanor 2
Eleanor 1

2016 Speak for Wolves event (Brianna Edwards)

Brianna Edwards, age 10, is our youngest wolf activist. Brianna has given wolf education programs for her 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade classes and spoke on behalf of Mexican wolves at the 2016 Speak for Wolves event.

Gray Wolves are Important Part of Arizona’s Delicate Ecosystem

Hi, my name is Brianna Edwards, and I am 10. Today I am writing to you about the Mexican gray wolves. They are an important species of our ecosystem, and I believe they should be here for many reasons. I was devastated when my mom told e about how two adult wolves were killed by U.S. Fish and Wildlife from their dart guns. I am saddened that the wolf population has grown but declined quickly. The wolves deserve none of this.  They may take a calf or two if they are desperate, or if the ranchers are not protecting their herd.  But it’s not all true. The wolves take the weak, sick or elderly from the herd, which makes the herd healthier.  But ranchers claim they make it worse. Our wolves are important to our ecosystem.  Without them the elk will start grazing on grass and eat newly growing trees, which causes them to not grow when they should. When wolves come they will scare the elk and deer and the animals will soon have trees and grass again.


1st-5th Grade Readers for Wolves (Lynn Savial)

During the summer of 2016, Lynn Savial, Youth Services Coordinator at Wayne Public Library, Wayne, Ohio, encouraged children to read and learn about wild animals. Children in 1st-5th grades participated and chose which organizations they wanted to support. The more pages the children read, the more money Lynn donated. Lynn wrote, “There are a lot of wolf lovers here in Ohio and almost half of our kids chose to read for wolves.” Here are their photos. Thanks to Lynn for her most generous donation and thank you to the children who used their summer vacation to learn about wolves and will now advocate on their behalf.


2016 Speak for Wolves Event (Madeline Convy)

The National Wolfwatcher Coalition was once again a proud sponsor of the 2016 Speak for Wolves event, held in West Yellowstone. Each year this event gets bigger and better.

Madeline Convy just turned 11 years old (July 25) and will be entering the 6th grade at Bridges Charter School in Thousand Oaks, CA. Madeline was one of the speakers at the Speak for Wolves event where she spoke from her heart. She also made the itinerary posters for the event.

"Hi, I'm Madeline Convy. I have been in love with wolves since I first saw the Shadowland wolf pack, Dakota, Shadow, and their wolf pups when I was 4 yrs old. Since then, I have collected all things wolf, did all my science reports at school on wolves, including the Arctic wolf, the Grey wolf, and the critically endangered Red wolf. I also camped with the Shadowland pack of 12 wolves. Wolves are important to me because they're important to this planet. They are strong, intelligent, and loving. When I think about wolves, I feel determined and motivated to save them and I plan to spend the rest of my life working towards that goal. Because wolves are worth saving."


2016 Youth Writing Contest Winner (Nhazheir Bradley)


Congratulations to Nhazheir Bradley, 14 years old, for his winning entry “I am Wolf”, in our first Youth Writing Contest! Nhazheir is a student at Green Chimneys School, Brewster, New York.

Download "I am Wolf"

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