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Latest Wolfwatcher News...

  • Keeping the Debate Honest in Michigan

    We welcome spirited and intelligent debate when it comes to seeking common ground. Nancy Warren keeps it honest, too. read more

  • Eastern Wolves Deserve Recognition

    Although US Fish and Wildlife does seemingly acknowledge the Eastern Wolf (canis lycaon) in the Northeast, and while it is important to protect this species, we also believe it is just as important that they acknowledge the gray wolf (canis lupus) and protect this species in the Northeast, as well. read more

  • An Important Message

    “While the cause of wolf preservation is challenging, Wolfwatcher’s commitment remains steadfast when it comes to educating and advocating for wolves based on the best available science and the principles of democracy. ” read more

  • New research confirms wolves trigger a trophic cascade (Wisconsin)

    “The results of this research indicated clear evidence that the presence of wolves is associated with a trophic cascade of events.” read more

  • New Univ. of WY Study: Wolf Harassment Has Little Impact On Elk

    “The mere presence of wolves, previously shown to affect the behavior of elk in the greater Yellowstone ecosystem, is not potent enough to reduce the body condition and reproductive rates of female elk, according to new research ..” read more

  • America’s Wolves Need Your Action

    The Obama Administration and USFWS announced its plan to remove the gray wolf from the federal protections afforded by the Endangered Species Act in the lower 48 states. Wolves need continued protection to expand into much of their historic range before they are removed from the list. read more

  • College Outreach Update from Emilia Tercjak

    “I am still reaching for what I believe in: peaceful existence between humans and wolves can happen. All you need is cooperation and collaboration. Coexistence will be the end goal.” read more

  • Naturalist Norm Bishop Advocates for Wyoming Wolves

    “Norm has graciously given us permission to share his public comment re: Wyoming’s proposed wolf hunting proposal for 2013. It serves as a great resource from which we all can learn from an expert who worked for many years in wolf recovery:” read more

  • NWC Public Statement: 2013 Wyoming Wolf Hunt

    “You are invited to review our statement and use it as a resource to guide the drafting of your own public comment ..” read more

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