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Alyssa Grayson talks to Students about Wolves

Alyssa Grayson, our dynamic and youngest member of the National Wolfwatcher Coalition, talks to students about wolves at the Rocky Hill School in East Greenwich, Rhode Island. read more

Alyssa and the Not So “Big Bad Wolf”

“Alyssa Grayson, our Junior Advocate at Wolfwatcher was also here for the event and got to see a wolf up close and personal.” read more

Alyssa’s Den: Why Wolves are Important

Alyssa’s Den Wolves need our help now more then ever. We need wolves back on the Endangered Species list! There used to be 200,000 wolves in North America. Now fewer than 1,200 remain in the wild in the Northern Rockies. … read more

A New Voice for Wolves: Meet Alyssa Grayson

“We are very inspired and encouraged to have Alyssa as our new young voice for wolves..” read more

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