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The Battle Continues…Act Now!

“The battle for wolves will be never ending, and I ask all of you wolf watchers and wolf warriors to stand up now and be counted. ”
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Survival of Gray Wolf species can’t be left to Legislators

“The ESA was passed because Americans believed that protecting our wildlife was an obligation to future generations.” read more

Conservationists intervene for Mexican Gray Wolves

“We are intervening to help defend the agency’s actions against plaintiffs’ unsubstantiated claims…” read more

Most Recent Missing Mexican Wolf Found–And He’s Not Dead

..there’s some good news: the male of Morgart’s Pack appears to be okay. read more

El Paso Zoo Wolf part of Effort to Revitalize Species

One of the wolves will be bred with one of the sanctuary’s resident Mexican gray wolves in the spring with the hope of producing pups in 2011. read more

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