Southwest Wolves

Wolfwatcher's #LoboWeek Challenge

“Take Wolfwatcher’s #LoboWeek Photo Challenge!” read more

Keep Wolves Protected in the Lower 48

“ACTION: Please call and write to your member of Congress to urge him or her to save wolves by signing onto Reps. DeFazio and Markey’s letter..” read more

Mexican Gray Wolves: Public Meeting in Arizona

Daniel Sayre and Cynthia Minde of National Wolfwatcher Coalition attend the Arizona Game and Fish Department Commission Meeting on Mexican Gray Wolves read more

Maggie Howell Talks Wolves, on FOX!

Maggie Howell Talks Wolves, on FOX! read more

Wolf Conservation Center: A Day of Wolves!

“Lobos and red wolves call the Wolf Conservation Center their home as part of a Species Survival Plan for critically endangered wolves.” read more

Mexican Gray Wolves : On the move at the Wolf Conservation Center

Hurricane Irene wreaked havoc up and down the east coast, and the Wolf Conservation Center in South Salem, NY certainly felt the affects. read more

Mexican Wolf News from the Wolf Conservation Center!

You can feel it in the air as you listen to Maggie Howell, talk about F837 and M805 Watch the video interview here! read more

Trap Free New Mexico..The Ugly Truth Behind Trapping

“The word management implies: You have a plan. That you have a goal. That you have a way to measure the outcome. We don’t have any of that.” read more

We the People…It is time to Unite, and Reunite, to Save Wolves!!!

“This is most trying times for wolf advocates like us, but more that that it is crunch time for wolves across this country.” read more

Wolf Paw Print