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Keep Wolves Protected in the Lower 48

“ACTION: Please call and write to your member of Congress to urge him or her to save wolves by signing onto Reps. DeFazio and Markey’s letter..” read more

Denali National Park Wolves get Wolfwatcher Help!

“Wolfwatcher’s Education Director Diane Bentivegna spoke out about the potential negative economic impacts this may have on the state if a wolf buffer is not enacted soon.” read more

Alaska Alert: Denali National Park Wolves Need Your Voice!

“We must convince Alaska Governor Parnell and Lt. Governor Treadwell that significant damage has been done to the reputation to the State of Alaska in terms of its commitment to sustainable wildlife management and to Alaska’s reputation as a wildlife tourism destination. ” read more

Feds OK aerial wolf hunt on Alaska's Unimak Island

“They can’t just assume that killing predators is going to solve the problem,” Willis said. “There’s no guarantee.” read more

Alaska: Wolf actions normal, no cause for fear

This wolf proved that people and unfed, wild wolves can co-exist with virtually no danger to people.(Reference to Romeo) read more

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