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Important Petition to Stop Hunting !

“We join the Union of Concerned Scientists in denouncing this action.” read more

Mike Leahy, Defenders of Wildlife Regional Director, Northern Rockies

Thanks to Mike Leahy for his time, and more importantly for the drive and passion in which he does his job advocating for wildlife and wildlife habitat. read more

Why Boycotting the Northern Rockies is a Bad Idea for Conservationists, and for Wolves.

“Thanks to everyone for your tireless efforts, and what you do day in and day out for wolves!” read more

We Can Coexist with Wolves without Resorting to Lethal Options

“As human populations expand and wolf populations recover, there is a growing need to develop both a better understanding of how to prevent conflicts with wolves, as well as the tools for living harmoniously with them.” read more

Take Action for the Two Wolf Pups, and for All Wolves!

“..we are reaching out to our supporters to join our voice in seeking justice of those Hamilton pups – true ambassadors for their wild brethren.” read more

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