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NWC Official Statement: Montana Wolf Hunt Proposal, 2013-14

We have already reached out to the Commission so that we can ensure the voices of all stakeholders are represented in its policy objectives. You are invited to review our statement and use it as a resource to guide the drafting of your own public comment ..” read more

Alyssa Grayson: "May 5th is a sober anniversary…"

“Wolves are just starting to return; their populations are not stable – not enough to sustain biodiversity.” read more

New Wolf Hunt Proposals Lead to Slippery Slope

Dr. Scott Creel and Dr. Ray Rotella: “it was unprecedented for a species to move so rapidly from highly protected (via ESA) to heavily-hunted. ” read more

Hunters as Stewards of Wolves

“.. according to Dr. Treves and other prominent scientists, governments cannot assume hunters will support the conservation of wolves simply because they did so in the past for other game species. ” read more

John Vucetich's Presentation "Hunting Wolves"

“John Vucetich, Michigan Tech associate professor of wildlife ecology and co-director of the Isle Royale Wolf-Moose Study, conducted two rather compelling presentations at this year’s 2013 Midwest Wolf Stewards Conference..” read more

Wisconsin: Appeal Filed in Wolf Hunt Lawsuit

“Wisconsin remains the only state in the United States that allows the use of dogs to hunt wolves. The controversial practice, opposed by wolf experts and animal welfare advocates alike, has been met ..” read more

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