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Take Action: Oppose MTFWP's Plan to use Wildlife Services!

Based on its proposal, it seems that Montana wants “state management” of wolves, but it refuses to assume the cost for its own state depredation investigations – leaving that to federal taxpayers! read more

TAKE ACTION: Yellowstone National Park Buffer Zone for Wolves!

“..please tell Montana FWP that you want a buffer zone around Yellowstone National Park to protect its modest population of wolves who are at serious risk.” read more

Wisconsin Wolf Action Alert!

“As bleak as it may seem for Wisconsin wolves, there are things you can do. WI DNR is in the process of developing the rules and regulations for the wolf hunting / trapping season. ” read more

URGENT: Action Needed for Wyoming Wolves NOW!

“Wyoming’s current wolf plan is the “kissing cousin” of Wyoming’s previously rejected plan.” read more

US Fish and Wildlife Action Alert

” We believe it is safe to assert that the nature of calculating wolf populations is not an exact science; current wolf population numbers are merely estimates and not confirmed data.” read more

Action Alert: Wyoming Wolves Need Our Help

Wyoming lawmakers are ready to pass the state’s wolf management law to end federal protections for wolves in the state. read more

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