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Spain is one of the last remaining refuges of the European wolf

To learn more about wolves in Spain go to or https://defensaloboiberico. org/category/manifestacion/

Protect America's Wildlife Corridors!

“TrekWest Journey Invites Us to “Say Yes” to Protecting America’s Wildlife Habitat Corridors. Sign the Petition..” read more

Wolves crossing the Canadian border into the northern Rockies

…It’s a question that could — depending on the answer — lead to more stringent protections for wolf packs in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho, or more hunting of the iconic canines. read more

Canadian Wolf Coalition.. "Wolf Sterilization Management?"

“The plan for this fiscal was to sterilize approximately 10 wolves (Approximately 3 new packs and a few stragglers).” read more

Support the Candian Wolf Coalition!

Support the Canadian Wolf Coalition in their never ending battles to save wolves… read more

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