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692F of Yellowstone..This Wolf was Illegally Killed

692F of Yellowstone National Park was illegally shot and killed during this hunting season. read more

Yellowstone Park Ranger Harlan Kredit talks about Wolves, and other things..

“It doesn’t become old hat. The weather changes, the flowers change and the people change. Many have never seen a wolf before. People get out of their cars to look. When they are excited, I am excited.” read more

A Wolfwatcher Realizes her Dream…Yellowstone!

Yellowstone with Diane Bentivegna.. A journey you won’t soon forget!

read more

Yellowstone Wolf History with Rick McIntyre

“We here at the National Wolfwatcher Coalition strongly believe that Education is the key to future wolf advocacy and wolf survival for the many years to come.” read more

A Walk in the Park…Yellowstone, that is!

A week in Yellowstone wolf watching with good friends … read more

National Parks: Wolves in Winter? Yo, Yellowstone!

“Every week is Wolf Week, in Yellowstone…” read more

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