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Project Yellowstone

Wolfwatcher’s “Project: Yellowstone” read more

The Canyon Pack of Yellowstone National Park

” The two-year-old gray female joined up with her mate, a black from the Mollie Pack, who was eventually collared and is now 712M. Together they formed the Canyon Pack named for the Canyon area of Yellowstone.” read more

TAKE ACTION: Yellowstone National Park Buffer Zone for Wolves!

“..please tell Montana FWP that you want a buffer zone around Yellowstone National Park to protect its modest population of wolves who are at serious risk.” read more

Yellowstone's Nathan Varley addresses MT FWP Wolf Plan

“With his permission, we are pleased to share Nathan’s comment to Montana FWP about the 2012–2013 wolf hunting and trapping season. ”

read more

Yellowstone in Winter

Yellowstone in February… Endless Memories. read more

"Soar like an Eagle…Yellowstone"

“This trip, we both agreed, would be memorable. Thank you, our friend, for sharing your beauty with us today.” read more

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